søndag 26. juni 2011

Desucon 6

So Desucon 6 is over for me this time. It's a desucon-day today as well, but I had to work and
don't really mind that to be honest.
Here some pictures from yesterday, surprisingly I didn't take many pictures!

haha a sneakshoot of Signe (Aki) cutiepie<3

I was in the j-fashion crew who had sat up a j-fashion show at Desucon, I was modelling for 

backstage before the j-fashion show~

Signe as sweet-lolita and Josephine as Classic lolita. They were
definitely the cutest lolitas at the entire con, except those I only saw loli-fails, seriously
my heart was crying. Half-assed cheap maid (lolita) dresses from Neo Tokyo everywhere.

after I finished styling I went out for some breath of fresh air, and THIS was what I faced.
A ocean of cosplays, lolifails, neko-chans and normal people taking pictures. It might not look that bad in
this picture, but there were people EVERYWHERE! fresh air my ass

after the show we went to take some group photos

waiting for everyone to be there. FL: Live Marie, Anja, Ronja and Maria.
Everyone in the j-fashion crew was so gorgeous! Definitely the most stylish group at Desucon!

Ronja and me be derp gals<3 I love her outfit, especially the belt and hat

sitting in the chilling-room and herp derp

more derp

taking photos in the lady's toilet. Never mind Martin there. He is gay. Or so he says



waiting for the train back home. My hair in this pic is horrible, I was drenched in sweat, danced a lot and..
I don't even know where to start...

I looked like this when I was home......no comment

Celine filmed the whole J-fashion show so hopefully I'll make a blog-post later about the show and stuff with
pictures other people took!

So my opinions about the con: I'm starting to think maybe I've lost a bit interest in this kind of things. The only thing I do REALLY like now is japanese-fashion,but at Desucon everything seem to be about manga and anime although it's supposed to be a con for Japan/Japanese culture in general.

 Also the place was waaaay to
small for god know how many peoples.They used to have Desucons in the autum which I really miss cuz having such a big event in summer when It's sunny is like begging for hell. 

I bet I lost 1 litre of sweat yesterday. Mmmm delicious ~ But what I really enjoy about this con is to show up and see who is actually putting a effort into their outfits and cosplays and who is half-assed and special snowflakes. Those people never stop to amuse me. 

Free hugs was really annoying, but at least no one was forcing hugs on me, thank god<3 I'm not sure If I'm going next year, but if they can have more stuff about j-fashion, j-dramas etc then I might go, but my interest for Manga and animes are not like an otaku anymore and thank jesus christ for that.

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  1. Ha ha! gøy å se norske Lolitas for en gang skyld! Men et spørsmål... Går disse Lolitavenninnene dine i Lolita i hverdager også? Synes Antallet Lolitaer her i norge er skuffende lavt :P

  2. pretty much yeah : ) var jo derfor vi spurte dem om å modellere

  3. you look so cute in your outfit!! just love it <3 :3

    and new follower ^^

  4. You looked just as nice when you got home!!

    Wow this event looks like fun!! Makes me want to move to a bigger city where more stuff happens T_T