onsdag 22. juni 2011

One asian and two mixed

Hiya! Today was a nice day as well!
I went to Tønsberg with Nina (which if half Thai) and Helene (half Korean). I was in need for a day-cream since my mum took mine with her to China : (
 and Helene and Nina needed stuff for Desucon which is very soon! 
As soon as this Saturday!

since it was nice weather I saw it as a chance to wear one of my favourite dress.
I bought it in H&M when I was in England last year.

also tried to curl my hair with the new curling iron. As you can see I still need to practise a lot haha!

I tried on my Jümily-lashes today, but they were waaay to thin and plain for my taste so I had to wear my diamond dolly-eye lashes over those lashes again. I don't think I'll buy these lashes next time. Spiky lashes fits my eye-shape best after all.

camwhoring with Helene

serious business 

Nina was trying out some sunglasses so I just snapped a pic

I was supposed to wear the pink dress I bought from Rakuten, however today I suddenly changed my mind.
I want to wear something more comfy and simple so I think I'm going for something like this instead.

There will be held a prom-thingie at the evning so I might wear my pink dress then, since it seems like
most of the people are going to change to something more ''formal''.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your style is so cute... and your lashes is so beautiful o_O :D

  2. you're very pretty! ♥

    nice hair!<3

  3. You're so pretty! I like your hat in the first pics~!