lørdag 2. juli 2011

Bokura ga ita ~ We were there

Lately I've been re-watching a anime I watched when I was 14 (i think) It sure brings back a lot of memories. it's called Bokura ga ita or We were there in english. This anime has got a lot of hate in the anime-community and among otakus and to be honest I don't understand why. The only thing this anime is showing you is the ''realistic side'' of a relationship, which is something I really like rather than watching these sugar-sweet animes where everything is lovey dovey and sugarXrainbows.

Those days  when I watched Bokura ga ita for the first time, I didn't finished the anime because it was way too freakings sad : ( this time I plan to finish it and then read the manga because the manga continues where the anime ends. I would like to put this anime under genre: romance, comedy,drama, slice of life and tragedy. Yeah you heard me right: tragedy. It's probably the saddest anime I've ever watched and trust me... I've watched a lot of animes back when I was still an otaku.

The main characters is such a cutie and I love the voice actor, her voice is so sugar-sweet but at the same time it's something really special about it. It's really different from those sugar-sweet voices from : kamichama karin, princess tutu, yumeiro patissiere en so on. It's soo soft and relaxing to listen to haha ~

The anime itself is as I said really REALLY sad, but it's also really funny sometimes with really stupid scenes. I can't help but laught. It's been 2 years since I left being an Otaku and to be honest I really don't care if animes gets a season 2 or not anymore, but I would really like to have a season 2 of this anime, because it really deserves it and those who hate it simply don't understand that Bokura ga ita is a masterpiece compared to Death Note, Naruto, Bleach etc

Q. Heard about Bokura ga ita? watched it? what do you think about this anime?

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have never heard of it, but it really made interested :D

  2. Love this anime, I don't finish watching it yet. But i really like the caracteres. It just learn me alot . Cause I'm still a young teenager. And I can feel the anime so bad . Great ! ^^
    (I'm french .. )

  3. yeah i saw the anime a year a go, and it really really got me sad... and just now it this moment i finished watching the two parts of its movie, and i cried over them again :( ...