onsdag 27. juli 2011

Tears of courage

On Monday I participated in a torchlight procession in Tønsberg in memory
of those who died in the bombing in Oslo and in the shooting at Utøya.

At the facebook-group over 2000 people said they would be there, but WOAH! when we arrived by bus (which was by the way full packed) I saw a ocean of people! The day after I got to know
that over 15 000 participated! Torchlight procession like this was taking place in every big city in Norway at that excact time. In Oslo over 200 000 perticipated!

It was so sad, but at the same time I was so happy to see how much people cares
and how much strenght everyone is showing in those sorrowful days. After the procession ended
and everything was over many of my friends was crying, everyone were hugging each other and comforting
each other. It was beautiful yet sad. The sight of all the flowers outside the church and around the fountain was touching!

I only managed to take one picture and it's not very good but at least you can see some people
and torchlights. People who didn't have any torchlights had roses.

I'm so proud to be a Norwegian. Norway might be a small country, but the Norwegians are the
most courageous human beings I've ever seen. We faced hatred and replied with love.

Pointing a gun is not the only way to fight a war.

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  1. we were about 20 000 here in Trondheim.... But I think it was nice to be there with that many people standing together with one thing in our minds :)