lørdag 6. august 2011

Sunshine and honey

Lately it has been sooo hot so I've mostly been seizing the day and been going out.
1 week ago my friend Helene had her 18 birthdayparty so I went to celebrate at hers with some other people.

Here is some pictures.
Me and Signe cutipie<3

Janicke and me.

I took loads of pictures, but most of them were herpin and derpin pics.
It was so nice to see everyone again and the food was delicious! we had BBQ outside and me and Helene
had baked cakes the day before (yeah I slept over at Helene's)

The day after the birthday I had to leave early because i had to go working,
I was so pissed off because it was kind of against my will and in the last second, but
Janicke  sweet as she is said she would come with me and help out! What should I have done without her?

She ended up sleeping over at mine and I found Otaku stuff from my geek-period back in time.
We basically just took loads of herp derp pictures! Was so fun!


and this is how my bathroom desk looked  like after. MESSY MUCH....

og yeah btw bonus pic! The cupcakes me and Helene made for her birthday!
I made the cupcakes and she decorated with buttercream! mmmm

hope you guys are enjoying the holiday as much as I am!

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  1. lovely pictures! :D and now I really want some cupcakes!! fuu you:P