lørdag 3. september 2011

The magic of make-up

Sometimes I wonder how people would look at me If I did not
wear any make-up? I hear regularly that I'm pretty, cute and so on and I don't
even know If I should be happy or sad? 

Happy because It's such a nice compliment, sad
because it's obviously all fake. A mask. How would people react
if I was to remove that mask? 

I wonder if there is actually someone
out there that still think I'm gorgeous without all the make-up on. I'm going to be honest
and say I really doubt so. Make up is my fairy-godmother ~

You don't need the natural look, you simply need the skills is what I would say.

Anyone sharing the same thoughts ?

this is not an emo entry btw. I just think it's funny how much make-up can change your face : D

3 kommentarer:

  1. I also agree, I don't mind going outside the house without makeup if I'm just going to buy some milk at the grocery store. But if it's like going to the mall then I really can't, not with my obnoxious dark circle.

  2. Jeg synes du er kjempepen både med og uten sminke ^_^

    - Helene aka Ai-chan ~ lol :'3

  3. I used to wear makeup all the time, but now i just put on mascara when i remember it and concealer when I go out...
    with this minimal makeup, people have told me i am pretty.
    you should totally try 0% makeup for a day :)