lørdag 10. september 2011

Run devil run

Today I went to the gym. I miss going to the gym everyday like I used to
. Nowadays I barely have time to go  for 30 minutes run. School ruins everything, but
since this is my last year it has become my number 1 priority. So saturday has kind of became the
highlight-day of the week as I've got enough time. It's just so nice to keep on running while listening to music.

After the gym I went with Aleksander and Pernille (two of my classmates) to eat and go shopping.

We went to ''Chilli'' a asian restaurant with amazing food in Sandefjord!

I had a lunch-dish with vegetables and lamb-beef. I also had a spring-roll! It was heaven!

I also bought skirt and a really sweet blouse it was almost 500kr , but I had to buy them!
You know the feeling when you are 100% happy with your purchase? I have it now and I get it
really seldom.

Hopefully I'll snap a presentable picture and show you guys : )

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