mandag 31. oktober 2011

The four-eyed girl

First I have to apologize for my serious lack of uptades, however nothing exciting
has happened lately so I didn't feel writing it down, 

also I've been super-busy with
school and homework since it's my last year at vgs and I want good grades.

I few weeks ago I broke my old glasses so I got a new pair. I remember I used to be so
ashamed of wearing glasses in the past. I serious thought I looked hideous with them on. The first
time I got to know I had to use glasses i seriously started to cry. 

It has been about 6 years since then.
I've changed a lot during those past years. As you've probably noticed my glasses are very thick and eye-catching ( lol if that's even a term). 

The present me loves wearing glasses and I think I'm seriously in love with my new pair! So to all 4-eyed girls out there! Have no shame! Four-eyed pride fo'sho!

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