onsdag 23. mai 2012

17th May. HURRAAAY

Slow blogger is slow.
Ok can't help it. I have a life.


Not really. Just got exams coming up and stuff. Enjoy the pics from 17th May aka last day as Russ. I had a wonderful russ-celebration and it was definitely worth all the money!

Piece and love ! Excuse my iphone for not so wonderful resolution 

yup while normal people wear their finest dress or ''Bunad'' (google it) , all  the russ wear their russ-pants on this day. You're not supposed to wash these pants so I've been wearing them for...3 weeks withouth washing!!!
fabulous  ~

have some details

enjoy the self-painted laces. Lovely suteki

 Camwhoring while waiting for the bus is a must! Don't we look fab? I envy Janicke's skintone so much ;_; wish I was pale like her....

 Stole this picture from Henriette! She like to snap ninja-pics and surprisingly I liked this one. (btw she takes great pictures so check her blog out!) MEGAPHONE READY. READY TO SHOUT!

The parade was the best  one I've walked in till now. I shouted so much and screamed ''Hurray! and Hiipp hipp Hurraaaah'' at least 50 times! It was great! And the I also got rid of all my russ-cards. The kids were collecting like crazy. Talk about passion.

After the parade we got a lift to Janicke's fried Emilie's house! Got invited to BBQ and shrimps! Akward dancing through the night! So much fun!

Herman was also there! Look at this masterpiece! Boy got talent. And it was delicious!

I had a great 17th May and it was a great ending of 3 amazing weeks as russ!
These days I'm not doing much. Just had my first exam today. I think it went pretty well actually!

3 more left! OK I CAN DO THIS.

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  1. Svar
    1. yeah my russ outfit is fab! thanks!

  2. Love your pants! and that cake looks scrumptious !
    Great blog :)

  3. Hey! I'm new to following, found your blog from clicking on your icon from a comment on another blog :)

    I love your makeup <3 very dolly.
    Cute style also