lørdag 19. mai 2012

The night before THE day

The 16th May I went to Janicke's house and left my stuff there as I was going to stay over at her house.
Since it was the day before 17th May there was a russ-party held at our school.
make-up for the day/night wuhuuu..

We decided to snap some pic before we left the house while we still looked presentable.

The party was a bit boring to be honest, it was raining and they didn't have enough tents. People were spread everywhere and no one was dancing : ( I think the Skjellvika meet-up was waaaay better, but then again we didn't have to pay for this one. We left quite early and went to Janicke's to watch Titanic lol


PS. Sorry for crappy iphone-pics, but I don't like to bring my slt-camera to meet-ups and parties..it's not only heavy, but also  expensive.

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