onsdag 2. mai 2012

Russ-name and stuff

Aloha my applepies!

Mum came home from China a few days ago and got me this Dior make-up travel kit. Ah how lucky I am!
It's quite handy to have as I hate to drag along loads of make-up whenever going out. Better having everything neatly placed inside a nice looking purse.
I also got a adorable colorful maxi-dress, but I don't have a picture yet.

The russ-celebration is still going on. This week I had a romantic lunch with Janicke at the canteen.
It's one of 100 (or more?) weird and crazy things you can do while being a russ. For every thing you do you can tie something to your russ-hat. 

We even blasted off ''My heart will go on'' from Titanic.

On monday the night to 1st May was labour's day (if I'm not wrong) and I went to this huge  russ meet-up
and got baptized. My baptismal name is: ''Fettet'' in english: '' the fat'', Janicke got me the name lol

....probably because I have really fluffy cheeks she love to pinch every single lesson. Someone has to much

I named her ''Panda'', pale skintone and heavy black eyeshadow. Enough said.

The meet-up party was really fun and I'm looking forward to independence day on 17th May (also the last day as Russ). There is going to be a huge party at our school. Yup the teacher actually dared to lend us the entire school.

Hope you are enjoying the sun as much as I am, even though I hate to get tanned ~

Nighty night sweeties xx

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