lørdag 29. september 2012

~+.':*Rat-party in Napoleon *:'.+~

Yesterday I went to Erlend's so-called ''Rat party''. Why RAT? Because only the worst ratty people were able to come and I'm the Royal rat-queen som obviously I was invited and had to go. What do you call it? Internal joke? idk

Finally saw the chance to use my napoleon jacket I bought from Ank Rouge last year.

Christine came all the way from Sandefjord so obviously we had to take som ratty pictures!

Celine and me making the '' I'm do not approve this''-face while Christine is just making her usual ''Christine''-face.

Me trying to do the ''Christine''-face. I think I'm doing a great job, but then Chrstine didn't make her ''Christine''-face. Disappointed. 

J and me feat the host of the party: The Rat king Erlend. DIVINE.
(And never mind me looking like I weight 80 kg here because I obviously don't *hairflip*)

The party was very fun! We weren't many, but only the cool people were there so obviously it was fun. Herman was also there and Ingvild came later on, but I don't have any pictures of them : (

Unfortunately I had to go early because I was to wake up early today and come home to casa the mum.

(J?) and me are planning to host a 90's-party. Hopefully soon and I'm really looking forward to it. What is studying? I don't know. Student dying. AHAHAH I'm so funny ROFLMAO .


not really.


Scarf: Lindex
Coat: Ank Rouge
Belt: Twisty
Chain: Twisty
Pants: D.I.A
Shoes: What is memory? I don't have one.

13 kommentarer:

  1. What a cute outfit! I want to throw more parties often~ Themed ones are the best XD

    1. Yup I loooooove themed parties! Lovin the excuse to dress-up haha! and thank you!

  2. guuurl the make-up PERFECT, the outfit EVEN MORE F-ING PERFECT!

  3. HERREGUD elsker håret og sminken og outfitten ogogogogog. FAB GURL

  4. Wow I love your outfit and you hair! so lovely :D

  5. Such a cute face <3 You look beautiful!