torsdag 13. september 2012

Space gurls

Went to a-so-called Full Moon party on friday, was loads of fun. We had to dress up
in neon or rave'ish  so I just to be creative with what I already had in my closeth as I'm a poor student now.

Dad paid me a visit on saturday and I brought the rest of my lashes. Finally some less dramatic ones for use.

People couldn't recognize me, is it such a big difference?

My dad came to Oslo to help fix my desk, so finally got it done.
No more reading on the bed ah <3

this is random, but it's kinda cool right? Got it from mommy <3

7 kommentarer:

  1. I don't know you in person but I don't think it's a that big difference.
    Anyway, the gummed paper cutting thing is sure cool !

  2. you are very pretty^^ i like your make up!! *~*

    and this shoe is cool~

  3. Sometimes it's nice to use less dramatic lashes :D When I started using fake eyelashes.. of course I bought the most dramatic ones at first -.-' heheheh~ But nowadays I like more "lighter" ones like Diamond Lashes' beauty -ones :D I don't know if it's just me, but the lighter ones also feel better in your eyelids :o

    1. it sure does. Guess because the more dramatic ones are heavier : )

  4. you're crazy amounts of gorgeous

  5. oh my god! I want this adhesive tape holder high heel too *____*! Thats so cool!