fredag 12. oktober 2012

Girl´s life :+*:.+¨ . ft. Sakurina with ENG SUB

So after fighting with my Mac for over an hour, I finally managed to download the movie: Girl´s life with Sakurina as the main character. (with eng sub YEAH)

I think the movie overall was ok. The only reason I wanted to watch was Sakurina :´D. She was indeed fabulous looking! So yeah...for entertainment purpose: LOVED IT. Have you seen the movie? What´s your opinion?

Here is just some pics from the movie.

 Hahah oh the face

 gorgeous <3

 if smile could kill


I was adoring Sakurina´s hair during the whole movie lol, also her pink hostess dress was super pretty!  I would like to rant about the character she was playing, but I assume there´s still quite many of you  that haven´s seen it yet so I´ll shut up.

Since I had a quite hard time getting this to work on my Mac I thought I´d show you how to do it so you don´t waste time like I did:

1. Download UTorrent if you haven´t got it already. Just type in ´´Utorrent free download´´and you´ll find several pages with the free downloads.

2. Then go to this site : HERE. You have to download it from this site in order to watch the whole movie, I know there´s some site out there with the sub, but only in small parts. After you´ve clicked download it should automatically appear on Utorrent *downloading*

3. wait wait and bloody wait PATIENCE

4. While waiting you can download VLC media player if you haven´t already got it). I recommend VLC media player because Quick time player is fucking useless.

5.After the movie is downloaded; right click and open up in : VLC media player...NOT Quicktime.

...and there you go!


7 kommentarer:

  1. YOU are a lifesaver! I have seen the movie about 4 times, but never with sub! I love Rina so much, but I was never able to fully understand what they were saying. Thanks again! ♥

  2. No problem dear :) glad I could help !

  3. Aaah hun er så perf! Laster ned nå, tusen takk :D

  4. Åhr awesome Xiao! Takk takk takk har hatt lyst til å se den lenge! :D

  5. Couldn´t downloaded u.u

    said has virus T_T