onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Some updates.

So October is here. Two weeks ago I worked for the first time at ''Kjellern'' (a student bar/pub/cafè) as a volunteer. It was a lot of fun despite I didn't get home before 04:00 AM and didn't go to bed before 05:00. I met some new people and they were so nice and helpful!

I usually always wing my liner downwards, but this time I tried to wing it up like a used to when I first got into make-up. What do you think? I think it looks a bit bizzarre to be honest, but it's always fun to go back to old ways.

This week is the usual midterm holiday for most people, but the Uni don't have any midterms. We didn't have any lessons though, so I brought my books and came home instead. Mum went to London with my brother so I can at least read in piece and silence. Oh the irony...it was mum who wanted me home in the first place and then she goes to London! Thank you very much mama!

I shouldn't be gloomy though. I've been treated like a princess since I arrived at home! First day mum and brother came to the train-station to pick me up in our new car (they've been talking non-stop about it so I was really excited). I usually don't give a crap about cars, but this one was pretty nice and compared to our old car it was...beautiful!

:bling: BEAUTY :bling:

and the...

:x-x: BEAST:x-x:

:x-x: Busu :x-x:

:x-x: UGLY:x-x:

We went to Tønsberg for shopping and I got some new clothes (some basics and a pair of wedges I'll post later).

I was also treated for sushi. Oh how I've longed to eat sushi.

And the best thing about  being home is to eat dad's ''Fårikål''

Homemade caramel pudding ! <3

4 kommentarer:

  1. I think your make-up was really pretty on you :)

  2. Ugh 4am? But having fun makes it a lot better! haha
    And I think the liner this way looks good on you! Not bizarre at all ;)

  3. Thank you guys! Yes it was so much fun so I'll most likely do it next year as well!

  4. I didn't know you have a blog~~ Following you right now :3 I love your make up~~
    OMG, food porn! eat ALL the food, hahaha :)
    gonna stalk your other blog entries now XD
    xoxo ^ ^