søndag 24. mars 2013

Capital M for ´´Manners´´

Haaiii everyone!

Not gonna say ´´Gals´´this time because this topic is not gyaru-related, it´s human being-related.
Being the perfectionist, classy and polite girl as I am I´ve come to irritate myself endlessly with something everyone SHOULD know about. Unfortunately many people don´t.


Honestly, let me not believe I´m the only one that finds manners important nowadays?
Because I´m starting to lose fate in human beings. How the heck are you gonna raise a child in the future if you don´t know your motherf*ing manners? 

Let´s have som examples shall we?

1. Sneezing without covering your mouth.
See for yourself a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. You´re sitting in the library and all of sudden the guy sitting two meters across you goes : ATCHO#$%&/()(/&!!!!

Honestly who do you think are interested inhaling your bacterias? ...they made of diamond dust?
It´s rather unflattering, impolite and reckless. Covering your mouth will only need you to move your arm. Unless you got no arms you have no excuses. 

2. Burping in public places.

Honestly it´s just gross. I´m sure people couldn´t give two f*cks about what you just had for lunch or that you just had a delicious sandwich. You´re just disgusting. I know in some cultures it´s seemed as polite to burp after dinner, but I´ve always despised it and I just can´t take it. The only place your allowed to do that in my opinion is at home, at the toilet or when no one is around you....or just...
leave it.

3. Last but not least: Bumping to someone and walk away like it was your f*cking runway.
This is the thing I hate the most. I´m not a friggins pinata doll!

After living for one year in England and been to Japan for three weeks, I´ve really started to annoy myself over how unpolite people (Norwegians) are. I live in the capital of Norway and have had to suffer the rush hour several times. I know people wanna get home fast, but knocking people down with your bag as you walk and pretend nothing happened is just unforgivable and won´t make your way home shorter. 

 Everytime someone does that to me I go:

and then...

I mean...PLEASE

When I lived in England people always apologized for bumping into me and I did the same back when it happened...and so everyone was happy. Finito. It´s manners! MANNERS DARLING!!

The funniest part is most people who does the thing as I mentioned are middle aged people.
How are you going to tell your child to be polite if you can´t be it yourself? Adult complain about young people? Start with yourself.

The manners I mentioned are not even that difficult to follow. Make it your everyday habit. Maybe I´m just very careful with things like this, but that´s just my honest opinion.

Have a nice evening.

xoxo Howalon.

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  1. I've had to dogde people, like really take a "jump-to-the-side"-maneuver, to avoid crashing in peoples bags and what not.
    Another thing that is incredibly annoying, is the norwegian bus culture! I've had to literary use force to get out of buses, when it could be solved so easily if the people just stepped out of the bus, let me pass and jump back on, instead of standing as a pole glued to the ground, and in the way.

    1. I know right? I love the bus culture in England where everyone just queue and wait for their turn to enter the bus.

  2. I always excuse myself when I bump into someone,but sometimes people I bump into apologize to me,and then I get all "dafuq? ERROR_SYSTEM_MALFUNCTION_CANNOT_COMPREHEND_SITUATION" and stand there like a broken down pc with bluescreen. Another episode involved a man walking towards me while he was peeing,that was disturbing and frightning considering he looked like he wouldn't mind peeing on me on his way. He didn't pee on me just for clarity's sake

  3. I understand! It feels like more and more people are forgetting what polite means!

  4. I FEELS U! No, but for real. I don't mind if people try their best to keep their burps quiet and to themselves, because I understand the need to if I can't make it to the bathroom to do that. But when people belch at the table I'm like "excuuuuuze u?"

  5. Having the same thought after living in UK for almost a year myself. I keep telling my english friends how rude norwegians are. I mean english people that go past each other in the corridors say "hi, are you alright?", just out of politeness. All you have to do is to reply "Yeah, and u?". While we norwegians do our best to ignore other people that attend to school in the same building unless you are friends.

    And lets not forget, even the people behind the cash register that ask you the same thing too, followed by "do you need help packing?". You can barely get a "Hello" from the people in norwegian stores. I even meet strangers in the streets that greets and ask me if I'm fine. I meet people in the shops that says sorry for standing in the way. AND people ask if I want help when I carry something heavy.

    Why cant norwegians just do that?

    I soo do agree with you on this. I might not have been the politest norwegian either, but after living in UK I am sure as hell going to be more polite when I return for good. Being polite makes you feel good. Being rude leaves you nothing but annoyed and irritated....

    haha crazy long comment >_<

  6. Aaaha jeg er enig! Men jeg beklager om jeg har rapet rundt deg, haha. Er virkelig en dårlig uvane, tenker jeg skal avvenne meg det nå når jeg er i japan :P Samme med spytting.. usj :P

  7. lollllllllll. loved this post!! especially the alyssa gifs. i lol'd for like 5 minutes. so saving them ahaha XD