onsdag 6. mars 2013

Saturday in town & outfit

Hi gals!

On saturday I met up with my friend Keziah. We went to have some bubble tea and had a long chat about girlish stuff!

My make-up for the day! I like this picture, but somehow it doesn´t really resemble myself.
I look...younger here(?). Maybe that´s why I like it haha!

After bubble tea we went to do some shopping before we ended up at Burger king. What a ´´galicious´´ life. We took loads of pictures, I think the lady in the front of us was thinking ´´wtf´´ or at least her facial expression was telling us everything! It´s not fault we´re still young and wanna have fun! Can´t blame us can you? ´´Gals just wanna have fun!´´

Keziah bought Ageha from Neo Tokyo. I was considering buying it, but the gift that came with the magazine was a ´´Glad news´´makeup-puch and I´m not in particularly fond of Glad News so I dropped it.

There were many nice snaps in the magazine though..
This is my favorite. I really like the contrast between Himena and Sakurina.
I´ve never really been such a big fan of Himena, but after I watched her in kawaii international I gained new respect for her. Being a DOKUMO really isn´t just a piece of cake. Also some of her more ´´toned-down´´outfits where she wears Liz Lisa are quite inspiring so I might just give her a new chance!

After Burger King we went down to the Central station to take some pictures. 

Hahah this guy wanted to be in the picture so bad. He was funny and I wish Oslo had more people like him! Completely without any prejudice or negative reactions towards us.

He also offered to take our picture :

Me & Keziah. I don´t know what I´m looking at. Maybe a UFO.

This is what I was wearing for the day:

Sorry for the green´ish tone in this picture. I tried to adjust the color on my phone, but for some reason it still stayed green : ((

Top: Random store in Harajuku
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: Mary Rose (dreamv)
Jacket: Liz Lisa
Bag: Dreamv

And this is what got that day:

Note. Some of the stuff I didn´t buy in Oslo, but it arrived the very same day in my postbox. 
I few weeks ago I had gone ahead and ordered some makeup I needed. 

From left to right:

Jewerich eyelash-glue
Candydoll blush in peach pink
Diamond eyeliner
Flower collar from Accesorize
Caramels with the flavor of White strawberry from Neo Tokyo
Micro fiber eyelid tape.

Hope everyone had a nice past weekend! I have so much to do nowadays so I apologize for being a little bit late with this entry, but I´m trying to keep it up.


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  1. Jealous! I've been really interested in trying the eyeliner from Diamond Beauty. Hope it's good! :D

    1. ah it´s really good! Maybe I´ll make a review about it : )

  2. Your hair looks so great! Love the colour :D

  3. ELSKER antrekket:) Og ja du ser yngre ut der,men det er en veldig god ting;)

    pluss pluss pluss tingene du fikk i posten og kjøpte er fiiiiine:)

    1. tusen takk : ´D haha ja jeg skal ikke nekte for at det er en bra ting!

  4. Ser helt nydelig ut! Keziah også! Hyyyl

    1. takk takk Frida ^^
      Du burde gjøre en review på de tingene du fikk i posten,er litt nysgjerrig på de micro fiber greiene :P

    2. ah jeg kan sikkert sette av tid til det,ja : )

  5. You look awesome!! love your hair!!

  6. why are you so adorable! ^_^