tirsdag 2. april 2013

´´Gals & shit´´ Gyaru-meetup in Stockholm pt. 1

Haiii gals!

It´s time to blog about my weekend in Stockholm because it was AWESOME!

I think it was in the middle of January when Ingvild asked me if I wanted to come with her to this gal-meetup in Stockholm in March. I was kinda nervous about it since it would be my first meetup. I knew no one and kinda felt like and outsider, but I´m glad I went.

The first day we arrived at Arland Airport around 12:00 or so. The check-in at Omena Hotel wasn´t till 16:00 so we had plenty of time. We met Tuomas, Heikki and Alex at the Airport (names right?) . It was my first time meeting them, but they were all very polite and nice!

After that we went to check-in. The hotel was one of the ´´ghettoest´´  I´ve ever been to. The reception was a check-in box.

...but it was cheap so no complains. After that we met Imke and Juju who was also staying at the same hotel. Then we packed our stuff, dolled up and went out to meet Lydia, Kimi and the rest. God was I tired...I had 4 hours of sleep the night before and how I managed to keep it together is beyond me.

I don´t have many good pictures from the first day because I was ass-tired and couldn´t be bothered.

This is the only presentable one I guess. So many hot gals in one pic!

The next day we got up at 10:00 and received room service a´la Erlend. He got us some cheeseburgers because I ordered him to do so. I´m the queen. After that we went to the center to have a look around. I got some stuff from Top Shop and after that we came back to the hotel to get ready for the night.

Here have a pic of me to enlighten your day. This is pretty much how my makeup was. Only that I was more tan in real. I wish my front-camera was a little bit better. Only reason I want to get a iPhone 5. The picture is great, but the resolution is terrible! You hear me Apple?

I kinda wish I didn´t rush my hair. I thought we was running out of time, but then Lydia said they were going to be late so I had time left, but I had already emptied the bottle with hairspray.

With Imke & Juju. They were so sweet! Glad I got to meet them!

Imke & me
I really love Imke´s makeup. I should learn something from her and stop painting so much black over my eyes lol..... but I´m addicted and can´t stop.

With Line & Malin. Two really cute gyarus! They both had awesome hair!

`3´ kawaii sugoi gals yo mama

Oh and this is what I was wearing for saturday.
Erlend took the picture. Can you spot him? Where is Wald...Erlend???!
Whenever Erlend takes my pics I end looking like a dwarf
Don´t even ask what I´m doing with my legs, I´ve yet to figure it out myself ....

Onepiece: One*Spo
Necklace: Top Shop
Shoes: Bianco
Lace socks: Top Shop
Hat: Vintage

to be continued.........


12 kommentarer:

  1. Waaah! It was so much fun meeting you and I am really flattered you like my make up. Because to me it isn't that special ^.^" Hope to see you again soon!

    Love, Imke

  2. I don't think you look like a dward at all! And by the way the coordi you did with this One*Spo dress is good~
    It looks like it was fun, I miss meetings ><. Looking forward to the next post!

  3. so cute!! You all look like dolls >_<

  4. Awh you look so cute! I bet you had lots of fun :D <3

  5. Elsker antrekket! Ser ut som dere hadde det kjempegøyt, gleder meg til å se flere bilder:))

  6. thanks everyone! It was awesome!

  7. Ahh it looks so nice & funnn! :D I've never been to a Gal meeting before, and i would love to go and meet like everybody haha meppp.

    You look veryyyy cute i love your make up & that dress thingy!


    1. you should definitely go to one! It was so much fun! : D and thank you so much xx

  8. So many fashionable and pretty ladies! I haven't gone to a gal meetup in so long and kind of miss it. It's so cool being around people with similar interests!