torsdag 6. juni 2013

New hair x holiday. Hieee y´all!

Hieee everyone!

Super duper long time no see! Hope you´re all doing fine!
I´m finally having my well deserved holiday after one month behind closed door, spending my time with books.

During the time nothing really interesting has happened and I´ve had so much to do so it was literally impossible to blog, but now I´m back and so first thing first!

Dyed my hair a few weeks ago. I was fed up with the light brown hair and
decided to go dark purple and here is the result:

Before and after. The color don´t look very intense in the picture, but in real it was more
amarante´ish. I love it!

On tuesday I spend my whole day with good friends! We went shopping, eating and in the evening
went to the cinema to see The great Gatsby! I loved the movie and the book is actually in my syllabus next term so I´m looking forward to it!

 I´ve ran out of circle lenses, but I honestly think normal lenses
does the job :´)

We ate chinese fondue. It was super duper delicious, but too much food for two girl to eat!

Happy hunger games bitches!

- Howalon

12 kommentarer:

  1. lovely! Your hair looks beautiful, and i love your make-up :D

  2. I'm still behind closed doors with my books lol but hopefully I'll do well on the last exam next tuesday:)

    loving the hair like I've mentioned before! I was going to see either the great gatsby or star trek, but the ST nerd in me took over:P next movie is definitely gatsby.

  3. Looove your look here, gorgeous ^^

  4. looks great with these hair, so kawaii

  5. Fargen er sterkere in person ja ^^ la merke til det da vi møttes men glemte å nevne det :P Det så skikkelig godt ut,hvor var dere og spiste?

  6. Your hair looks great! It's so long and lovely too. I like your make-up and the flower headband ^^ I really want to see The Great Gatsby :D