tirsdag 10. mai 2011

~ New Blog~ New Clothes~ New Lashes~

So finally I decided to move my blog from blogg.no to blogspot, simply because blogg.no was starting to be a real pain to keep up with, the resolutions of my images where quite bad and because blogspot seemed to be more fun than blogg.no

So to ''celebrate'' my new blog (lol) I'm going to show you what I've purchased lately.

First my Yesstyle order which I received today:

I'm a little bit dissapointed with  the quality of the blue Chiffon dress, but then again it was really cheap so I shouldn't have expected more, however it's annoying me because the pink Chiffon-top was about the same price, but the quality was really good and it's really lovely! Definitely my favourite purchase!


Then my order from 3 weeks ago from Pinky Paradise:

From left to right:
Diamond lower lashes: Princess eye
Diamond upper lashes: Glamorous eye
Koji eye-talk double eyelied glue

I think the upper-lashes are a little bit too long for my eyes and so are the lower lashes, but I'm thinking about cutting the edges, however I don't think I'll buy those two series again next time.

And last but not least:

My new mini hair-straightner! It's supercute and the size is perfect for me
who only wants to style my fringe. Very handy!

Peace out yo!~

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  1. oooh, please tell me after you try if the koji eyelid glue is good! i was suppose to order it, but i didn't know if it was good!