mandag 16. mai 2011

Bun Face Bang ~ Tønsberg's messen

On saturday I went out with some friends of mine. We went to ''Tønsberg's messen''
which is a combination og markets, stands and a amusement Park. ''Tønsberg's messen'' comes to
Tønsberg every year at this time. Going there has kind of become a tradition for us.

Here is my outfit and hair.




also my make up. Now you can see what i meant about those
lower lashes in my previous entry, not so happy with my make-up yet : /

Wore something simple as I knew it would be risky to
wear something really nice for carousels.

And I was right. My hair got messy right after the first ride lol
spending so much time for nothing ;_;

Awesome girls<3

And of course we had to take a group-pic. As you can probably see I'm not a good photographer XD

3 kommentarer:

  1. ouu i love the bunnnn hairstyle with the cute little bow <3 & i love your makeupp ^_^ you look sooo cuteee ~ and i dont think your photography skill is bad ^_^ the pics arent blurrry *.* hehe

  2. Kjempesøt! Jeg digger outfitet :D <3

  3. I love your fringe!! I wish I could wear one like that, but my face is too fat xD