fredag 10. juni 2011


Last week was really really hot !
I even wore shorts for the first time this summer!

(sorry for shitty and dark pictures, but I really don't know how to handle my camera, also the lightning was quite bad : / )

Haha as you can see I really love those sunglasses! I bought them from
H&M. Nowadays I'm basically done with school, because I was chosen to 
have a written exam so I don't need to go to school for
oral exams. So what to do? Chillin'

I wanna go to the beach so badly so I might arrange something when it's sunny again.

Yesterday I went to Janicke's place to watch a movie and eat lol
we always eat something when we are together, we also looked up
some of her old W.I.T.C.H magazines oh lol
those were the days, I remember Irma was my favourite, but I kind of ended up with
Hay Lin in the end. 

We ate strawberries, candies *shhs*, and Fish Wok, we also
drank Pear lemonade and Alpro soya chocolate milk mmmm~

And we watched ''Superbad'', a comedy, which I think was quite
funny and hilarious !


We also took some pics. Camwhores for life, however only a few
turned out good : ( here is one where I think we both look presentable .

I'm desperate after doing something with those nasty roots of mine !!!
Luckily my hairdye is on the way! Yes I ordered some from Pinky Paradise, but which colour
will be kept a secret until further

Also a pic of myself from last week


I've also received my parcel from Rakuten so I'll make a post about my shopping hauls next time (Y)

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