lørdag 28. mai 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Today I went to town with my brother and Janicke. Our purpose was to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4, but we also did some shopping and eating of course! We got Kebab! Haha I love Kebab, just sad it's soo unhealthy, however I think once in a while is okay.

My outfit today was pretty simple, I wore my pink Liz lisa jumper and some
plain plack pants as it was raining outside.

Also tried to make waves in my hair. I tried to make it look like messy bed-hair XD
for my first try I think it was ok, it was hard to make waves with a flatten-iron.

I am surprised over how long waves can last, I though my hair was gonna die when I went outside.
It was freakings windy, however they last longer than curls!


My brother took a picture of me while we were waiting for the bus lol

I think my camera skillz are still better than his

My brother, I find it funny how light hair colour he has compare to my
original black hair. Must be because he was born in Norway....

Of course some camwhoring with Janicke-

Haha I look hilarious with those 3D-glasses

 I laughed at this picture, my brother was eating bacon chips
under the entire movie lol

Haha I first I tought I had a really giant arm, but then I saw
it was both my and Janickes arm lol can you see it?

I didn't do much shopping, only bought some sun/tanning products as I'm
afraid I might get sunburnt, even thou I've never been.
The thing is I really wanna go to the beach.

To be honest I've always loved to sit under the sun, eating water melons etc, however I've always hated
to get a tan as I adore pale skin and would love to have pale skin myself, however no matter how hard I try to get away from the sun, I never seem to get any paler, and all summer vacations has become
quite boring as I hardy ever went out. 

This year I think I'll just enjoy myself! I get to hear '' I love your skin colour'' very often and I think instead of trying to be pale (which my skin won't be) I'm going to try to get
a tan! I'll try to accept the fact that my skin is not capable of
turning pale and be grateful that I've got a skin-type that millions of people wish they had : )

You just see me get the perfect tan!!!!111


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