fredag 17. juni 2011

Shopping and ''Tønsberg day''

So yesterday was something called ''Tønsberg's dagen'' or
''Tønsberg day'' translated. Basically it's Tønsberg's day XDD. It happens every year and it's sale a stands everywhere.
Usually I go with my mum, but this year I went with some friends
which was waaaay funnier XD 

Istill  had some time before my bus so I was camwhoring at home while waiting.

I also tried to take a ''outfit picture'' which I'm terrible at.
I've yet to master to take pictures where my face looks presentable, so for now
I had to chop off my head. Sorry : / lol never mind the background....

First I took the bus to Sandefjord and had a lunch with Janicke at Zorba!
I love Zorba, their food are just... THE BEST!!

Cappuchino <3

Kreftedes<3 Greek meatbuns

And a slice of heaven<3 seriously this homemade cheesecake is just....
a truly masterpiece! I feel like crying everytime I take a spoonfull<3

After we where full, we took the bus to Tønsberg to enjoy the day.

lol we said we were full, but when we saw a Belgian waffle-stand we HAD
to have some! Janicke had Waffles with chocolate while I had normal belgian waffles.
They were delicious! We actually went back to have some more later with SeungHee.

Piggy-girl waiting to dig in

LOL after the waffles I saw this candied apple-stand. SO I HAD TO HAVE ONE!!!!111
Candied Apple covered in sprinkles of coconut!<33 
I look so horrible in this picture, but at least you can see the apple clearly lol
Don't even ask me how many calories I ate yesterday. I simply don't wanna think about it...

Then SeungHee arrived! We took a few camwhoring pictures lol asians

then had some ice cream. my god. non-stop eating
I had coconut and strawberryXrhubarb gelato!

those cuties had grape brain cooler!

more camwhoring

finally gonna show you what I bought, not that I did a lot of shopping. Was more into eating haha!

Earrings from Ginatricot and Chanel lipgloss in colour nr.57 ''Insolence''

it's a hot-pink ish colour, but the colour is really nice and not too shocking. 
I think it goes best over nude lipstick.

I also bought a pair of Juicy Couture pants, but I bought those the day before
yesterday as I was in Tønsberg then as well. They look kind of plain, but I 
love them because they make my legs look ok XD

Yesterday I fell in love with this pair of shorts!

I found them at Only and it was like love at first sight, I was so worried about the size, since
when it's sale it's always hard to find the perfect size, 
but not only did the size fit, but it also made my legs look
thinner so of course I bought it!! I think those stars are very unique.

They had sale at the bookshop ''Norli'' as well. So I bought a muffin-book. Going to get fat!

It seriously contains shitloads of muffin recipes! Like salty muffin, hot muffin, sweet muffin. you-nam- it- 

When I bought those Juicy pants I also fell in love with this pair of wine-red vintage shoes.

they are adorable, but hell they were expensive, even after 50% discount 
it was still 650 kr , but I kind of understand why. It feels like I'm walking
on fluffy clouds.

Lastly I recived my parcel from Pinky!

Palty Hairdye in ''Maple Doughtnut'' and Dolly Wink lower lashes ''real nude'', they are my
forever favourite lashes <3 As my hair is quite dark it didn't turn out
like Tsubasa's hair colour at all, but I was aware of that. You can see the result on my pictures
over, my hair turned a shade lighter and a slightly red-ish.

Now I've finally got summer holiday. Janicke is going to Korea so I'm going to
miss her a lot : ( but she will be back on 10th July. so ..... PARTY HARD IN JULY LOL

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