mandag 20. juni 2011


Received my last parcel today from Ichibankao. I don't think I'll be shopping more on the internet after this.
The shipping was very fast and the service was great! Will definitely go for Ichibankao next time! 

Jewerich upper-eyelashes nr.P-1
Dolly Wink LONG mascara
Jümily upper-eyelashes nr 4 ''Cat eyes''

This morning my mum woke me up at 09:30AM and wanted to go shopping with me LOL
It's because she is going to China tomorrow and wanted to buy some presents. 
I joined her and got myself this cute panda ring for 50% off.

Isn't it adorable? it was love at first sight! I've got something for rings ~

and since I was the one driving we stopped by Elkjøp so I could get a new curling Iron as my old one
is 12 years old XD I bought this Babyliss Paris Pro 200

I've heard so much about this curling iron so I wanted to try it myself.
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure anything is better than my old iron right now.
I can't believe I've had it for 12 years!

5 kommentarer:

  1. 12 years? Wow, that's old! Love the lashes you bought.

  2. I ordered fake lashes from ebay some weeks ago... 20 pairs and it only cost me 18kr! :O

    I'm a norwegian Lolita by the way:D pleace check out my blog:D I like yours a lot:D

  3. Wow! 12 years? Super old!

    PANDA RING! How adorable~ I want it for myself :D

    And niiice lashes. I want to try Jewerich.

  4. Omo, those lashes look so pretty! Mad jealous, please do a review on them :D!

  5. Åååh, fine ting ^^ *litt s'nær misunnelig*