onsdag 21. desember 2011

Holiday Update

Alrighty, I'm going to admit I missed blogging. So I thought since I've got
Christmas Holiday anyway so why not just make an update.

First thing first. Last friday before holiday I ate porridge at school.
 I love to eat it when it's xmas-time, gets me in the right mood!

and you don't really need to tell me how much sugar and cinnamon I use.

Yesterday was the last day before holiday so 
I went to attend the school-ceremony
and then I went to Oslo with Janicke!

This is basically how I looked like before heading out. I'm not even going
to try explaining how badly my fringe had to suffer from the wind and cold.

It died after 5 minutes. I spend 15 minutes doing it alright! Thinking about it I still wanna cry.
And I didn't have enough time to do my hair
so I just made this quick-quick bun because it's supereasy and
fast to make ok!

smile for the camera!

We met with Jonny(boy) and was just hanging out and stuff. I had to look after
a prom-dress for the ''Russ-prom'' in January  so I dragged
those two poor souls with me through the  mall.

For those of you how have me as a friend on FB you probably
know how much I was nagging about not finding a nice dress.
Well... breath out , I'm not going to torture you anymore because
I found one!

I knew I wanted a black or red dress, but couldn't really make up my mind.
If you know me well you've probably figured out by now that I didn't end up with
any colours of that sort.

Nope you're right I fell in love with a indigo-red coloured dress and I'll probably show
you soon if I can be bothered.

Besides going on dress-hunting we also went to eat chinese and mcdonalds.
Can't live withouth food sweetheart

And since Jonny has cheek-fetish we just had to do this.

So it was a lovely day although I really missed Celine. She's in Japan atm
and won't be home before march. It was weird to be in Oslo withouth seing her.
Hopefully she'l be having a great xmas in Seoul this year.

I'll be spending it with my family eating seafood. mmmyuummmyyyy!

Hope everyone will have a merry xmas and enjoy the holiday.
Cuz I certainly will.

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