søndag 25. desember 2011

It's Christmas

Hope everyone had a lovely xmas! I sure had! 

 Heidi Klum Shine perfume, Got2be volume powder, Kate moss perfume and hand cream.

 Black elegant gloves with fake fur, tiny flower brooch, nootebook and twix.

 Declare shower gel and handcream, Eos pink handcream

 Comb, facescrub and L'oreal mineral powder.

 Louis Who?-bag


and last , but not least a new camera! I superlove it, if that's something to say

And just in case. No, I don't doll up at xmas. I like to wear something
comfy since it's only my parents, my brother and me anyway.

 my brother made this at school! haha isn't it cute?

 hot-pot for xmas! no greasy traditional xmas food.

 seafood and vegetables, all my favourites!

I assure you this taste waaaay better than Ribbe, Pinnekjøtt and Lutefisk
(Norwegian traditional xmas-dishes)

We had cakes, grapefruits, coconut macarons and red wine for dessert! yummy
but what I love most about xmas is actually not the gifts or the food. 
It's that my parents takes two days of work and stay at home.
 Usually they work 7 days a week, no seriously even on Sundays.

So for me xmas is a great opportunity to spend som time with my family,
even though some of us...uh gets a little bit...intoxicated? 

still happy xmas and soon over to 2012!

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