onsdag 18. januar 2012

Prom heels

Just wanna show you my heels for the prom this saturday :-)
I love them. They are gorgeous. This picture is no good at all...
In reality they are really shiny and gold, serious GOLD!

I've got to say I'm not a big fan of shoes with
pointed toes, however those were okay. The colour makes up for it.
Oh the goldness<3 

I got them for 100kr. They actually cost 2800kr lol
because my mum is really good friend 
with the shop owner :'D

and the fabric under the shoes are my prom dress 
treating the right way lol

yeah I didn't find any nice red og black dress so I ended
up with a plain burgundy wine-coloured. 

6 kommentarer:

  1. they're gorgeous! ^^
    and very gold XD classy ~

  2. thank you : D yeah I love them. They're also perfect for clubbing!

  3. So goldddd~ Have fun at your prom!

  4. Thank you : D I most likely will!

  5. Whoa! Gooooooold heels..... Go bling bling girl! ;)