søndag 8. januar 2012

Why you so cruel mister Karma?

Yesterday I met up with Janicke to celebrate her birthday. She's now officially 20!
 I can't believe it!

We did nothing special, only ate at a Korea restaurant called Haru and
chatted about ''asian-girl-problems'' LOL it was so nice and

We also went looking for prom-stuff for the ''Russprom'' which is very soon.
As usual she didn't find anything while I was lucky and found what I was looking for on sale!

Oh and also it was snowing when I looked outside the window! 
Finally! but it didn't last long baaw : (

I wanted to curl my hair since it's been a while since last time, but
the weather wouldn't allow it so I had to go for my casual-bun. 

My best girl  looking fab even when diggin in <3

We decided to not have any side-dish, but the lady
at Haru is always so nice to us everytime we are there
and this time we got one for free. Obviously we gave her tip!

ah and we both ate Kimchi-Jigae! Its superyummy although
you'll have to go around smelling like garlic for the rest of the day mmm

After the dinner we went to Janicke's place, we were supposed to book
 plane-tickets so Korea/Seoul this summer. We have been planning this for months
so it was kind of a disappointment when the tickets where friggin 


 we where like...WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU KARMA??

So we are now desperately trying to find cheap tickets, but it's not going well...
the only cheap tickets to Seoul is through Russia, but we've heard so much
shit about the Russian Airlines that we don't dare to try it out. 
Also I don't think my parents would have allowed it lol

So if we can't find cheap ticket we might go to Japan or China, which will be awesome
as well, but it's just annoying that we've been planning this for so long and now it just 
doesn't work out like we hoped for. 

And it's not even a problem we can solve.

ah makes me sad. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. I've never tried Korean food but it does look really nice♡(///▿///). I think Seoul is a popular place to travel especially in the Summer thus why it's so expensive then.>_<'

    Mind you I did find cheaper flights it was only 1 day from the date I chose so you never know ~ don't give up.^^ I wish you luck in finding cheap tickets~!

  2. Thank you! yeah we did try different days, but it was still super exspensive. I think it's mainly because of the Expo 2012 they have in Seoul this year!