onsdag 25. januar 2012


Some pictures from the prom, well lol actually BEFORE the prom,
because I forgot my camera in my pocket.

Surprisingly I don't  have many camwhore-pics because
well... we were running out of time since I was late
because my bus was late
and I also had some problems with my make-up : (

Just my luck huh... whenever there's a special event, my make-up just
won't cooperate...
I think this pic shows my hair the best, but Janicke
didn't like her face so I had to do some abra kadabra

I love Janicke's make-up ;_;
can't say the same about mine, honestly those lower
lashes was pain in the ass to put on as they were separated into
small pieces...which I didn't know...obviously...

dem hoes

the prom was overall great! I danced alot
and I thought my feet where going to die...
and after the prom we tried to walk down to

Perfect Pizza to buy some junk-food!...well I would rather call it
''slide down the road'' I can't describe how embarassing that was..I wish I could
capture the moment and show you lol priceless walking on heels on icy ground...

a guy in a car even stopped on the road to ask us if we managed lol

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