fredag 24. februar 2012

I wanna cut my hair but... own hair is getting pretty long and...I'm sure I'll regret it if I cut it...
life is full of desicions..

also I went to Oslo yesterday for a photoshoot, after the shoot I met up with some friends and
ate at Golden Dragon, a asian-restaurant with the best vegetarian-dish EVER!

                                                                     Loner waiting for her food

but then a another loner joined her camwhoring

and so the story goes on 

and let me introduce you to my dish

usually I'd never pick a vegetarian-dish when eating out, but this one is heaven 
srsy H-E-A-V-E-N. it's tofu with vegetables in spicy curry and coconut sauce! yummyyy

after the meal we had ice cream. Diet? never heard about

I had bananasorbet and blueberry flavour, but bananasorbet didn't really taste that good
though : / but I loved the blueberry!

janicke had apple-pie and creamy strawberry-flavour! I liked them both, but wish
the applepie would taste more..APPLE? i could only taste the cinnamon and vanilla ok

SeungHee had strawberry and light strawberry yoghurt flavour! I think my favourite flavours
was the light strawberry-yoghurt and my own blueberry <3

and well you get the story the end and they lived fattily ever after

3 kommentarer:

  1. Ohh! Your hair is so long and nice! Don't cut it! Your food looks delicious!

  2. aww haha thanks! I'm not really sure what to do, guess I'll have to think more serious about it :' D

  3. Your hair is so pretty dont cut it!