søndag 8. april 2012

Christmas lasts until Easter ...

....that's what we say here in Norway. 

That's why I was in Oslo yesterday because I was invited by my friend Celine to celebrate Christmas at her house along with bunch of ofther awesome people!

You see she didn't get to celebrate it properly whil studying in Tokyo as christmas in Japan
is nothing like here in Norway. I had so much fun and ate...maybe a little bit too much?
We played games, danced, chatted and took a bunch of pics, however only like 50% of them
are in my opinion presentable aah.

I tried a new make-up style, dunno if I like it though. In the pic it looks ok, but those
lower lashes may be a bit too much in real.

Upper lashes: Diamond Lash ''Celeb Eye'' and Eyemazing no.301 ''Sweet Ribbon-serie'' by Mizukitty.
Lower lashes: Diamond Lash ''Princess Eye''

....just in case you where wondering.

Had so much sweets and cakes and oh..I don't even. Those japanese mochi's had this coconut-flavoured filling inside, they were really yummy!

Oh she even decorated the xmas-three! WAY TO GO

Ah they were also playing traditional norwegian xmas-songs from the ipod. It really put me in the right xmas-mood, it was even snowing when I left my house ahaha!

Everyone sitting around the table eating! We ate meatballs (called: Medisterkaker in Norwegian)
along with creamy cheese & potato bake, it was superdelicious! Greasy yummy Norwegian xmas-food! 

I guess once a year is ok! Lol I helped with the food like...4 times yesterday? I also had the leftovers for breakfast along with a double slice of the leftover-carrotcake. 

I had 3 slices yesterday??? I also ate so much chocolate, waffles and sweet that I don't even... Sometimes I wonder if my stomach has a limit...or maybe not..

ah I give up

Here you have the awesome host for the party! Welcome home! 

wow super-lucky shoot! or maybe not... I've got an even uglier one on my camera...still
unsure if I dare to post it....your eyes might suffer

We also had secret santa ahahaha!! With xmas-music playing in the backround, we had to
send the presents to the next person until the music got stopped and we got the one we sat with ! Was so fun! Just pity there were only one present for each!

I got the one Celine had prepared lol not really ''secret santa'', but oh it was nice and the stuff was perfect for me! Facial masks from Korea,phonestrap and candy from Japan (they remind me about those candies from Spirited Away). Celine got sweets and Norwegian chocolate from me. 
Asian and Norwegian-presents aah sweet things is sweet ~!

Those two handsome fellas here got each of them their own tea-mug.
It's difficult to translate, but If you're Norwegian you might find it quite funny (and cute?) ahaha aww ''Masekopp & Sølekopp''

It was truly an memorable night filled with laughter, food and more laughter!
I think our group of friend should have parties like this more often. Maybe I can host one when I move out this autum?

On our way back from Oslo today we saw a car on fire on the other side of the road. The scenery was something you only see on films, so horrible and we could feel the heat when we passed by. Later we turned on the radio in the car and heard that no one was inside that car. RELIEVED!

I feel like my easter is over for now, gotta go back to normal routines. This is so far one of the best easter since 92. So all well and have a nice evning!

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  1. this looks so fun! I would love to celebrate christmas again in this time of year :P your make-up is so lovely too :D

    1. thank you! You can always gather som friends and do the same! It was really fun!

  2. Great idea :D I would feel really weird celebrating christmas in the middle of warm spring though :O But I`d love xmas food...

    1. it was really weird, but it was still pretty cold outside and it was snowing the very same morning : D but you really can't get a better celebration along with good friends, delicious food and sweets!

  3. LOL that's so cute that you celebrated Christmas during Easter? HAHA looks wonderful and you look beautiful! xx

    1. Haha I thought it was quite sweet of my friend who came up with the idea :'D and thank you gorgeous!

  4. This was so nice of your friends to celebrate christmas later with you! If the weather was anything similar to Estonian weather now, then it was quite suitable for christmas, lol!
    Btw, you look super cute *o*

    1. Haha I know right :'D I think her idea was brilliant! And thank you!

  5. omg! your make up is soo amazing *-* i like your eyes :) really good blog



  6. Hello~!
    I chose your blog to be linked in my sidebar! I hope you'll put my blog link to your sidebar or bloglist soon too! :)