søndag 15. april 2012

I L.O.V.E Chocolate

So a few days ago I received this baby and I'm already totally and absolutely in love <3

It's a chocolate bronzer that contains cocoa powder and gives a matte finish.
The thing I really like about this bronzer is that it's matte and not shiny as my previews bronzer and
this one is a actually BROWN and not ORANGE as many of the other bronzers I've tried
and it look very natural applied on the face. Herro Miss Tan~

It comes in a cute box. It give such a nice first-impression (or what you call it)

And the box itself is really cute designed. Thumbs up for that!

Also the size of the mirror is perfect. Ah I'll definitely try out more products from Too Faced.

But the best thing of all is...the smell OMG.
I've never used make-up that smells so friggins delicious. It actually smells like REAL chocolate and if you know me well you've probably noticed how much I L.O.V.E chocolate. If I could chose one type of sweet for the rest of my life it'll be chocolate. Chocolate-cake, Cholat Chaud, Chocolate cookies, Chocolate Pudding ah ~ you name it

So here you can see me wearing chocolate lol, it looks orange in the pic though... but that's because
the pic itself is really light. No seriously if you're looking for a nice bronzer try this one out, but I'll recommend this one to people who already have a bit colour on their skin ~

This bronzer also works great as eyebrow-powder and shading powder. I find this one better
for shaping my nose than the eyebrow-powder I used before. Multipurpose much ~

Ok enough ranting. I just thought I'd share this piece of gold with you guys <3 If you ever get it (or already have it)
let me hear you opinion!

Sweet night guys ~

PS. For the sweet lord of christ, please don't think this is an advertorial or anything. I
decided for myself to make a post about this product because I simply love it.

End of discussion.

5 kommentarer:

  1. you look very pretty :) the bronzer suits you!

  2. aww thank you : ) I love it really

  3. Too Faced also have the most epic Lip Plump everrrr ~ Miss mine alot. I always stock up on TooFaced and Urban Decay when in London - they're the best brands!

    1. I've never tried their lip plumper haha XD I'm forever true to my soap and glory-plumper <3