søndag 1. april 2012

Saturday's birthday

Yesterday I was invited to my friends birthday-party. The weather was sunny so I wanted to curl my hair,
 but then..I opened the door and the worst hurricane since Katarina said hello and made me
change my mind....

So I tried to think about a hairstyle that wouldn't be damaged by the wind so easily.
I decided to go for a bohemian-inspired braid in the end.

...like this. I still need a bit practise though and since my hair has always been
very ''silky'' (is that the right word to use?) it was hella difficult to braid.

 lol I definitely need to practise more on this, but at least the front looked okay and it survived the wind!

...as you can see for yourself, because this was taken after the hurricane

SUMMER LOVE WITH PASSION. Gotta love our friendship! my face says
everything you need to know! The girl to my right is looking fab at least

and this is how much I care when someone's trying to snap a pic ok

We got Taco to eat! I love birthday-parties where there's actually proper food,
There aren't many of them left as most of the parties (after you've passed 18)
are all about the alchohol! not that I mind though, I just think getting proper food is awesome : )

This is how taco's should look like right?


sorry to dissapoint you, but I prefer to eat my taco like this. Lovely manners are lovely ~

for dessert my friend Karoline had baked a pie and brought it with her as a birthday-present! and..
it was..amazingly delicious! seriously no kidding! And I asked for the recipe and
it was really simple! I think I ate half of it lol and bet I gained at least 3 extra kilos! <3

so yesterday was super much fun! Tomorrow I'm seing two of my best girls and we're going to
eat sushi! One of them just came home from Japan after studying there for 6 months!
I can't wait to hear everything she has to tell!!

8 kommentarer:

  1. you are so beautiful! wonderful pictures :D

  2. waaaa your outfit and your cute are very great, it goes well together.

    Miam the baked pie looks like very goud *-*

    1. thank you ! yeah it was delicious!! I couldn't stop eating :' D

  3. The birthday looks pretty nice~ Your hair and outfit are cute!

  4. You look so great here! Also you guys are the cutest together! <3