mandag 2. april 2012

Sushi and chit-chat

Today I went to Larvik to meet Celine and Christine!
 I haven't seen them since November last year! It was really nice to see both of them again!

Because I am so friggins kawaii. You may pinch my chubby cheeks. They are fluffey

We went to eat at Larvik Sushi.

Celine had this sushi lunch-menu.
Gotta thank her for finding the soy-sauce more interesting than me <3

Christine ate tempura-maki <3

while I ordered lol... two dishes. I tried Swordfish-Sashimi for the first time and it was really good.I've always been a bit skeptic to try know.. raw fish...with no
rice at all doesn't sound very good.., but luckily I was wrong! 

It was very tasty , especially eaten with this:

My main dish; Thai-chicken curry with coconut-milk<3
I'm seriously addicted to everything called coconut so this one was super delicious! 
I'm definitely going back to have some more! I even ate the bell peppers, which I usually don't since I'm
not really a fan of bell peppers...

We sat there for two hours and chatted. 
We all had loads of stuff to tell and I really enjoyed the meal with two of my best friends!
 It's a pity we can't see each other more often since we all live in different towns..

Celine who just came home from Japan brough me some gal magazines:

I was actually only asking for the Popteen magazine, but she bought Ranzuki as well
since she thought at first that she wouldn't find Popteen, but then she found it and oh well I'm not going to complain :-D <3

Hopefully this friday I'll be able to get a day off from work so I can go and celebrate a belated christmas-celebration at Celine's! I'm really looking forward to it!

Why christmas you ask? Because in Japan they don't really celebrate christmas like we do in Norway, so Celine wanted to celebrate it with us when back in Norway.

No objections.

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  1. Woah I love your hair! It looks so awesome~

    1. thank you :'D its actually really simple.Just french-braid all the way haha!

  2. those magazines are just amazing! :D You looks so cute too :D

    1. thank you! yeah I just had a quick read through the pages and I must say I love, especially the Popteen issue!

  3. The sushi looks delicious! : D I love your hair for that day! :D The magazines are awesome!

  4. your hair looks so cool!!!!

  5. *pinching your cheeks* ha ha! Looks like you had a great time with them! :D

    1. haha feel the chubbyness! Yeah I had indeed!^^

  6. wow , you are so beautiful and u have great blog ! :---) i follow you now :) :)