lørdag 21. april 2012

Updates and Sneak peek

Good evning all my sweetpies!


As granny is sitting here munchin on her saturday's chocolate she thought she'd just update this
fabulous blog! 

Just some stuff from this week ok. I'll make it short (yeah sure)

I had my art exam this week. The title was ''Graffiti and street art'' so we had to somehow connect our own piece to the title .
Here's some of my sketches.
 You have 24 hours to prepare after the preparation-sheets are handed out. I know many street- arts always carries a message so I wanted to work my way out from there on.

On the exam-day we had 5 hours to finish our final piece and here is how mine turned out like:

Yeah it's two girls kissing so you've probably figured out the message already. I quite like it actually.
Probably because  the style of painting is completely different from my usual style, but it was nice to make a change for once.


Oh yeah oh yeah I did just like everyone else! Went to watch Titanic and it was worth every single penny ~
Last time I watched it was when I was 10. Gotta say the movie was much more sadder and funnier now that I understand more.
Mister DiCaprio and Kate did such a wonderful job acting as Jack and Rose and it was
so terrifying to see the boat sinking. What made the biggest impression on me was to see how people can change when it comes to saving others or their own life. Some people are willing to die for others, while some people are willing to do whatever it takes to save their own skin. Or what Mister Cal? 

Of course we had to make a JackxRose-parody before the movie started:

Hey I'm a beautiful Rose alright?! Feel the romance. Oh the hotness...


Last, but not least:
The russ-period is officially starting on monday. Today I'm finishing decorating my russ-pants (dungarees)
so just to annoy you...here's a sneak peek. If you do not know what that print is you may as well leave my blog right now. Not knowing Sailor Moon is a unforgivable sin.


Oh and if you're wondering. ''Russ'' Is the Norwegian way to celebrate after 13 years of school-slavery.
I know they have proms in America and throwing candies out in Finland, well...in Norway we have 3 weeks with partying and doing crazy stuff before our final exams starts! 

You may google it up as I'm to lazy to explain in more details...

alright I'll just leave it there. I'll upload full pics tomorrow night! Stay tune stay tune ~

Hasta la vista, nighty night and stay sweet <3

6 kommentarer:

  1. your drawings are awesome! I just love them:D and I really like what you did with your russ-pants :P

  2. Your drawings are really cool so I hope that you get a good grade on the examen work ;P

    1. Thank you hun : ) well I really hope so because right now I need every single good grade I can get in order to get into my first choice of subject in uni!

  3. such a lovely painting (and the idea of it :D)
    the last pic is so cute (*-*)