torsdag 21. juni 2012

BBQ / Party # 1

Yesterday I went to a BBQ with all my classmates to pre-celebrate the graduation and
to get together one more time before the holiday.

The dress-code was eh: '' something pretty''
 so I chose to go for something summerish since the weather was sunny and yeah..PERFECT! To be honest I liked my hair later on when the curls had become more ''sleek''. I think my curls always looks kinda weird right after curling : / oh practice makes perfect...

Janicke and I. We match! flowergurls forever

Picture stolen from Henriette! Omg I love her camera-lens I mean..look at this effect. Although I look kinda spaced out here (haha I wasn't ready for the pic alright) I still like it a lot! Everyone look so happy here ! Gonna miss those guys a lot!

contrast pic to the one above heh.... not amused huh? at least one of us looks happy heh

We had so much delicious food, fruits, cakes and berries! I thought those cupcakes were so cute!

Our art-teacher was so sweet to make us a cake! artistic much huh? It was really yummy, but jesus so hard to slice.....

after the BBQ people were free to chose whether they wanted to go to Linda's house to continue celebrating (with drinks'n stuff right) or not. Some people couldn't for several reasons, but we were still quite many who went : D!

I'll make a post about the ''after-party'' later!

night night ~

6 kommentarer:

  1. ur hairstyle looks so awesome and ur so pretty *-*


  2. Gorgeous dress ! Where did you buy it ?

  3. thank you : D haha actually it's a present from my mum so I don't know where she bought it : ( sorry

  4. Elsker dette innlegget! Elsker også linsa xD Og cuppicakesene. Og kjolene xD Love love love!