fredag 22. juni 2012

BBQ / Party # 2

Alright let's continue from the preview post.
This is what I wore that day .

the hell is that grudge-lady doing behind me?

After the BBQ we got a lift home to Janicke's house to change clothes and as the location
of the ''after-party'' was quite near her house it was no problem to get there.

Janicke had to touch up her make-up so I had to be the camho. Ah lovely sweaty fringe mmm derp derp

I had stars in my hair bling ding dong 

then Janicke finished being vain and joine me. Ok that hairtip is totally looks like I'm eating her hair eh...but I like my hair much better there than when I just finished curling it. The curls looks more ''relaxed'' here (if you know what I mean heh)

when we arrived most of the people had gathered already.
Linda had this open BBQ-place thingie with roof and x-mas light haha it was really cozy!

we grilled fruitmallow! I like the colour, but tbh I prefer normal marshmallows!

later that night we suddenly decided to take a pic, uhm don't ask. I think we still look ok here. 
Would you look at that difference in skin-tone???!!!!111 screw her I want her

I can't say the same for the table though. MESSY, but it was really superduper fun and Linda is planning to have a ''summer-reunion party'' later this summer which is something I'm really looking forward to!

all in all it was a wonderful day/night <3

PS. Sorry for the low resolution and stuff, but I took pics with my iphone as
I couldn't make myself to bring my precious camera to a casual party where people are drinking and stuff.

7 kommentarer:

  1. look pretty!! ^^

  2. I love your outfit, it's very cute ^^
    Nice circle lenses too which ones are they? Love blue ^^

    1. thank you : ) they are from the wondereye serie!

  3. you look so sweet :)

    i love your eyes

    we follow each other?


  4. Uaaah - I LOVE ROSE CIDER! And the late pic of Janicke and you :)

    1. haha I think I prefer lyceee more, the rose one tasted a little bit weird : / and thank you XD!