lørdag 30. juni 2012

P for Packing

Hey sweets!

Yesterday night I felt terrible. I was sweating a lot and felt really sick. I was so stressed about the trip, but fortunately I'm fine again today haha that's so typical me. Get the worst flu and then heal completely the next day lol

Today I had a quick meet with Nina. I had to borrow her old visa card so yeah, went to town to get it. So now finally everything is ok.

haha kawaii sugoiii, nah I was joking really. I look like a baby her and it doesn't really look like me at all XD I tried a bit lighter make-up and did not use any lower lashes

I finally managed to get myself to do some packing as I won't have enough time on monay. Janicke is coming tomorrow and staying the night over because we are heading to Oslo on monday to check out our apartment! I'm excited! And then on Tuesday ...off we fly! The worst part about a trip is the packing...I hate packing and I've been trying for 3 hours, but it sooo boooriiiing....shoot me.

ok until next post. take care <3

8 kommentarer:

  1. I love packing, hehehe <3 I like to make my suitcase or bag all organized and it's so much fun. I do stress out that I forgot something, and then I have to unpack and make a check list and check it off *sigh* but packing is fun! I think you look cute with lighter make-up btw

    1. thank you!^^ haha I always end up paranoid and stressing because I think that ''I MIGHT have forgot something'' and then I need to pack out again XD

  2. u got long lower lashes..
    mine is i cant barely see them :(
    ow i love that shoes in you're suitcase :)

    1. thank you :'D well actually I do, but then again you can barely see my upper-lashes ;_;

  3. Cute pictures of you ^^
    Have a nice trip!