tirsdag 7. august 2012

15/7-12 Japan Day 12: Neko Cafè & Gundam Cafè

Ever heard about Cat-Cafè? Or in Japanese: Neko-Cafè? Nope? Well it's a very casual cafe where you don't go for the drinks, but the Cats. On our 12th day in Tokyo, we decided to go and visit one of those Cafès.

We took the Subway to Akihabara in the morning. First we had a quick look inside Don Qujiote again, then we went to check in for the Cafè called: Neko Jalala (lol). At that time it was full so yeah, we had to make a reservation.

There are different prices for hours, we took one hours which was 1300 yen (if I remember correct). When it was finally our turn, we walked in guided by the lady working at the cafè. We had to take off our shoes, wash our hands, order a drink and so on, everything were very structured.

This sweetie was my favourite! He was sleeping on the milk and sugar box all the time <3

this giant was a so-called ''Norwegian forest-cat''. I thought it was a dog first .Giant kitty is giant.

After the Cafè we was on our way home when we suddenly saw...omg: GUNDAM CAFÈ!
I completely flipped out and even though we had to qeue for 20 minutes outside it was so freaking worth it.
You have to know that I love Gundam Seed.

There was also a AKB48 cafè next to the Gundam one, but jesus I chose Gundam easily duh.

You know usually when you go into a place the people working there bow for you and say ''irrashaimasen'' (or something like that) well since this was a Gundam Cafè. Everyone greeted you like they do in the army, just like they do in Gundam Seed. Haha I felt a little bit of my Otaku-era was coming back cuz I sure wanted to greet back :'D

queuing outside

Mobile Suit <3!

Haha even the menu's are Gundamfied. Would you look at the date

We ordered Pink Haro-drinks!

And pasta! I think the carrot are supposed to be a Mobile Suit-shield

In the evening we went back to the same bar as yesterday because we wanted to be there in silence and have our so longed parfait. We actually wanted to order it then, but because those Australians wouldn't stay quiet we didn't got the chance.

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  1. omg, those cats. ; A ;
    - helene n

    1. DEM CATS <3 I wish I could go back !

  2. Aww cute kitties! Hope you had fun! xx

    1. they were so SO adorable! I had so much fun : D xx

  3. Themed cafes are so fun! I love the nice kitties hehehe!

    1. I knowright? I wish they had this type of cafes where I live !

  4. Please, cats and robots! Come to visit the west too! I didn't know about cafés like this, I'll definetly go look them up. Especially the Neko café! Super cute! Thanks for sharing, you have my follow ;3


  5. i want those cute kitties!!hehehe and you're gorgeous!!
    check out my blog and follow me if you like
    i'll follow you ^__^


  6. New to your blog! I like it so I followed :)

    I think it's my goal in life to go to a cat cafe one day lol I LOVE cats! haha
    And wow, I haven't seen gundam in the longest time, interesting on how there's a cafe for it even.


    1. thank you : ) yeah the gundam cafe are quite new. I think the got one in 2010!

  7. Omg cats!! ahha how cute :3
    and the gundam cafe looks so awesome :)


  8. Both of the cafes look amazing!! The cat in the first photo is too cute!!