mandag 6. august 2012

14/7-12 Japan Day 11:Back to Harajuku

Today we went back to Harajuku! More shopping you know. For lunch we went to Sweet Paradise. It´s a time-limited cake buffet where you can stay for 70 minutes and eat as much as you want for only 1200 yen. They also have a few choices of pasta and stuff.

The cakes were ok, not very delicious, they all kinda tasted the same, but for the price I think it´s reasonable. I don't know what the green thing is though, it kinda tasted like Mochi. Nothing special.

If you're looking for Decoden-stuff I recommend you drop by ''Fancy Pocket''. Actually I got to know the
shop through watching Kawaii.i on youtube. Jelly-model Mana Honda was introducing it. You'll mostly find primary school-girls though :'D

Also found Closeth Child. I second-hand Lolita clothing shop. I even found ''Sugary Carnival JSK'' from Angelic Pretty (you lolita know what I'm talking about) , but for 33 000 yen lol

In the night we went to a bar at the clubbing street. We didn´t sat there for very long before two Australians came to our table and wanted to sit down, we said it was okay, but jesus I regret...they spoke like WAY TO MUCH. omfg we didn´t really got the chance to say something to each other at´s was interesting to meet new people also on holiday, but those were a bit annoying. We where forced to sit there till 05:00 in the morning. Until the bar was closing...jesus.

When we came back to the hotel we realized we had forgot our key, ok so we couldn't get into the room and when Janicke tried to ask if they had a spare key the man behind the desk said no. Either he didn´t understand or he was being careful just in case we where strangers trying to get into the hotel. Ok so what to do? the cleaning staff would´t be there before 11 and no way we were sitting there for another 6 hours! 

So the this brilliant thing we did, before I left I had downloaded this app called: Learn Japanese, I thought it was worth a try to look through and for our luck they had ´´sorry I forgot the key in my room´´translated to Japanese. So I went and show this guys the app and ha asked for my full name and room number. Finally the problem was solved, the hotel guy locked up for us and aaah

HIT THA BED night zzZZZzzzzz.....

Oh and btw here is how the app look like if you wanna get it. Only ''lite version '' is for free, but I bought the whole version.

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