lørdag 11. august 2012

17/7-12 Japan Day 14: Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, it's time to say goodbye

I would like to say...finally the last day, but that just doesn't match with my feelings at all. The last day felt so weird. You come to Japan, get to know Shibuya, the subway and Japanese manners and now you have to go home. It's sad.

So on this last day decided to split up and spend the entire day shopping in Shibuya and Sentaa-gai.

We also met up with Akina and had our last dinner with her. We went to eat Okonomiyaki.

I ordered Peach Calpis. The tastiest drink I've ever had. I miss it so much <3

I think you can only get peach calpis at the restaurant, but you can get regular calpis at
any vending machine which is quite delicious as well, but I still prefer the peach one <3

In the evning after we said goodbye to Akina, we started packing. We decided to stay awake all night so we could sleep on the plane instead. After the packing were done we got to borrow a weight from the Hotel-staff and luckily our suitcases were not overweight.

The rest of the night we spend watching the Korean movie ''you're my pet'' and other hilarious Korean live-shows.

We left Shibuya Tobu Hotel around 6 in the morning and arrived at Narita around 8. Although we had a bit issues on our way back we managed in the end. We checked in out bags and had our last lunch on the airport.

Tempura shrimp-udon and Melom soda


We left Japan around 11 PM

I would also like to say bye bye Japan, but I won't because this is definitely not the first and last time. This is was of the best holidays I've had a you bet I'll come back for sure!

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  1. Looks very yummy ^^

    Love Emi


  2. that Peach Calpis look so good (::

    1. it was supergood! I miss it so much!

  3. You are so lucky you could get there! I'm hopefully gonna travel there with my dad next summer :P I really cross my fingers :D