søndag 19. august 2012

Brand new everyday

Hello sweets! 

I apologize for no updates these past weeks, but I have a life outside blogging as well (i hope?) and I've been spending my time well.

For my those of you I have on Facebook, you probably know I got into Oslo Uni as my first choice and that's the main reason for why I haven't been blogging at all. I've been busy moving and I'm almost there. We still lack some furnitures and stuff, but it'll eventually get sorted! When It's done I'll post some pics.

Besides the moving I also joined something in Uni called ''fadderuke''. You could call it a ''mentor week?'' ( I dunno). It's a bit difficult to explain the whole system, but I'm going to make it short and say it's basically a great chance to get to know other people in your group! You party, go to special events and so on with your group. I really do love my group, they're all adorable and I know I'll have a great time studying at Oslo uni.

.....and this is kinda random, but oh well...
I had overpacked as I had way to much stuff to bring with me to Oslo. So I had one suitcase over 20 kg, one travel-bag and one shoulder-bag. My mum was like : ''YOU CRAZY? HOW YOU BRING ALL THAT WITH YOU??''

But you see the thing is I'm blessed with wonderful friends. Three of them came to pick me up and then they each took one of my bags so in the end I could walk empty-handed like a princess <3

I haven't really got the time to take any quality-pics. It's obvious I don't bring my SLT-Camera to parties right? So iphone-pics will have to do the job <3

My look for Ikea last week

Town with Janicke meeting Celine & Co and also some international students

Been crazy hot theese days in Oslo, but I haven't really got any chance to wear a dress since I've been out late at night almost everyday and I don't feel safe wearing short skirt or dresses when walking home alone at night. It sounds stupid, but that's just Oslo for you.

This day I decided to drop the jeans.

OOTD-with Janicke

Dress: Liz Lisa
Bolero: Claire.dk
Phonecase: Cocolulu by  Co&Lu
Earrings: a shop in Harajuku

Also Oslo finally has a Bubble Tea-shop <3
this will make my year

It got colder as the sun went down so hey...I stole Celine's hoodie. <3

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  1. you always look fantastic! hope you have a great time at Oslo Uni :D

    1. aww thank you sweet <3 I'm sure I will

  2. Wow! Your hair is so cute! : D

  3. Love your outfit, it's very pretty *^_^*