onsdag 22. august 2012

♡ Japan haul part 1

Hey Sweets!
Some of you wanted to see what I bought while staying in Tokyo so I decided to make a post about it:

Popteen august issue 2012        Egg august issue 2012        Ranzuki august issue 2012

Eyeball caps: Mishka
Yellow caps: Co&Lu by Cocolulu

Eyeball plug: Akihabara(somewhere)
Hot Pink Iphone case: Co&Lu by Cocolulu
Mustache Iphone case: Forever 21

Lashes: All bought from Don Qujiote, except Diamon lash. (from SBY in Shibuya 109)

At least I don't need to re-stock lashes for a while. I hope...

To be continued.....

12 kommentarer:

  1. holy FUCK that's alot of lashes xDD but I love that CO&LU case and the CO&LU caps:D

    1. Haha actually i wanted to buy more, but no more space : ( You gotta love Colu <3

  2. Løøøøøv it! * o*
    Btw er de Kyary-vippene noe fine på? Har vurdert å kjøpe dem i en evighet xD

    1. Jeg synes de er fine på, men kanskje litt ekstreme til hverdags. Jeg kan sikkert lage en kjapp review på dem så kan du se : )

    2. Yay! Gjør en review på masse så jeg kjøper alt og blir blakk fordi alt ser så bra ut på deg hahah XD
      Men seriøst, den barte-casen er helt fantastisk.

    3. Haha du altså <3 ja og den kostet bare 500 yen. Noe rundt 40 kr!

  3. WOW. Deng girl! Love your lashes haul! And everything pretty much :P

  4. Oooooh~ so much lashes :O
    I'm so jealous ;)
    I only got mixed up into the world of fake eyelashes about 6 months ago.. I'm still like a little kid whenever I see lots of them :D "I want those and those and those...!" hahaha :DD

  5. Oh my god .. im so jealous of all these stuffffff i just smacked my head like from
    flipping hahaha!

    If you still have all these stuff i'm going to rob you hahahah just kidding
    Love it merhhp :( I hate living in the Netherlands, they dont sell aaaall this.

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  6. Hi! Im a person who just met your blog.. and while I was looking at your post, I saw the pink co&lu iphone case, which made me reeaally crazy about it.. I tried to look for it on the internet,but theyre all in japanese ad I dint understand any if them.. So I wanted to ask you, can you plleeaase send me the link where to buy it..? Please..������ Its too cute and I really want to buy it... ���� Thank you for reading this!!

    P.S. If you are willing to send me the link.. could you please send it to here??: dayoungchoi00@gmail.com
    Thank you������