lørdag 22. september 2012

Wednesday's reading & OOTD

On wednesday J (from now on I´ll call her J because it´s such a pain to write Janicke) and I went down town to read, simply because it´s boring to stay at home.

make and hair before leaving the house

 Sometimes it's just nice to doll yourself a up a bit , it's not like you have time for it every single day.

I won´t write you a long paragraph about how the wind destroyed us, but feel free to use your imagination. You´ve probably been there yourself. Firstworldproblems. 

In the beginning this book was the shittiest piece of junk I´ve ever held in my hands (White Saris and sweet mangoes). Dear I swear.
I didn´t get anything at all and I just wanted to slam my head against the table. I was really scared the rest of the book would be like this as well, but luckily it started to become more understandable after I started on chapter one. The introduction was utterly crappily crap. 

After a while i really started to enjoy the book although I have to say those people I´m reading about are seriously the weirdest among the weirdest. Obviously in a rather interesting and positive way. You really get a insight of other people's lifestyle. Not everyone need the latest iPhone or mac to survive.

While I was bloody frustrated over the introduction, this girl was sitting there, on the other side of the table, grinning and PRETENDING she was reading. Would you look at the title: Punishment and rights. Oh the irony. HA  HA  HA

We also met Erlend, sat down and hat a nice chat. 

you just gotta love Erlend . Everyone does.


 Knit: Liz lisa
Dress: Liz Lisa
Beret: H&M
Pin (on beret): Closeth Child
Tights: H&M

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  1. WOW! your outfit is so cute! and I love your hair! <3<3<3<3 Love it :D

  2. Aaaah du er så sykt søøt og pen og odsakldasklødas !!

  3. HERREGUD DU ER SÅ KAWAII ALTSÅ elsker outfitten og sminken hyl

  4. elsker antrekket :D Det hadde vært enda finere med et par høyhelte sko ^^

    1. takk for tips! skal prøve det ut neste gang : )

  5. awww! I love this outfit! you look so adorable *_* and this hat! <3

  6. omygosh you're so adorable!! and the outfit is so pink and fluffy and cute ahhhhh :D <33

  7. Such a sweet Outfit! Love it!! :)

  8. your outfit is so cute! And I'm in love with your hair (:

  9. Hiii it's been a while since I last visited you ^^

    OMG you're sooo pretttty, your make up and hair *__*

    Love Emi