onsdag 26. september 2012

Wise ft. Dear ft. Yunkoro

Today was day off again aka ''study day'' so I went down town to send of a parcel and get some stuff done.
Also met a old friend to sell him a caps, had some coffee and studied a bit. You can't say I'm not doing anything!

Also as you can see my fringe is finally over the ''annoying lenght'' - stage . Right now I quite like it, if it
can just stay like this and stop being rebellious. (I btw really liked my make today, just so you know)

Is there anyone else out there that find their hair more lovable after a long day with your hair tied up in a bun or ponytale? It looks more volumeous . Yup I liked my hair here. Just so you know.

..and finally I feel like my theet are just getting sharper day by day. Vampire much eh ...just so you know. ok ill stop posting bullshit as a excuse for being vain :´--D

a few days ago I made a Norwegian dish called: Fårikål. You gotta have Fårikål when fall's getting closer.
For me it's not the quality, but rather the QUANTITY. MORE IS MORE! M O R E


Sweater: Monki
Shirt: Monki
Necklace: Harajuku (gift from J)
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Shoes: some Italian brand I don't remember

Lastly, but not least:

...by far one of the sassiest MV's ever, but I like it nonethless because of Yunkoro looking fabulous and Manya showing up <3 the song is quite sweet as well. You don't need to agree with me. Just listen.

9 kommentarer:

  1. super søtt antrekk :D elsker skjørtetet, smykket og skoene :D

  2. Cute outfit! I like that plaid skirt ^^ And that's a nice song, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you both : ) no problem! I really like the song and MV

  4. Afgjhgfghjk hvorfor må du være så innmari søt?! Del litt med oss andre og da ok!?!
    Kjempesøtt antrekk. Digger stilen din!<3

  5. kjempefint antrekk som vanlig :D og utrolig fine bilder :D

  6. Takk begge to! <3

    Maria: du skulle bare vist hva jeg hadde gitt for å ha ditt annsikt :p