fredag 26. oktober 2012

New hair

Hey gals (and galos?)!

I dyed my hair last week, but haven´t been able to show you my new color as I´ve been really busy due to school-related stuff. All thanks to Ingvild who helped me dying my hair. I´d never manage it on my own. I wanted to go for a ashy-blonde color, and we used Palty´s  ´´Marshmallow ash´´. It has faded a lot, but left a really smooth ombre color which I really like! While other people struggle to get a even gradation I was lucky enough to get one without any effort. TAKE THAT. God loves me.

Ok. enough talk:

Here you go.


It looks chocolate in this pic and the reason is beyond my knowledge. I used to have auburn-colored. To be more exact I´ve been having auburn-colored hair since I was 16 (had red hair for a short period, but it faded right away so it doesn´t count). Was about time I did something with it before it´s too late right? GET WILD A BE...oh you know the rest...






golden brown? BLONDE?!  Your judgement. My silence. 

oh well I guess you might´ve noticed already but...

I tried WAVY hair today and OMFG never did I know that a waving iron could give your hair so much volume. This pic is taken AFTER I got back from town. AFTER it had suffered through the wind. I´m convinced that waves lasts longer than curls from today on.

I didn´t even tease much and just in case you´re wondering (since I´ve got this question a lot lol).  It´s my real hair with no extensions. Yes I love my hair and I´m lucky. I know. Vain and shameless narcissist <3


prom tomorrow....WHAT TO WEAR OMG...ERWGREHTGR

I´ve absolutely no clue so I´ll probably just toss something together like I always do when I´m clueless. It´s gonna be fun fun fun!


23 kommentarer:

  1. Nice hair color and you're cute with wavy hair ^^

  2. Love the new color! & the curls are so cute~


  3. holy shit den fargen var kjempefin på deg:OO Du er en hottay!!

  4. your new hair color is so nice ♥

  5. Du kledde det SYKT godt! Og du er så djkasldjaskld pen :''( *slitwrist*

  6. Dayumnnnn you look good! Love their hair color and the wavy style on you!

  7. Uwah, I wish I had your hair, it's absolutely gorgeous ;_; You're cute as always~

  8. lucky to have this kind of hair!
    well,i like your new hair color. and i wavy hair suits you ^.^ but i think that darker hair colors look even better on you..just my opinion hehe
    you are pretty =)

    1. Thank you! I personally like the lighter better. The darker look more natural though, but you get bored after 4 year with the same color haha :´D

  9. omg, lovee it! it rly suits u! :)

  10. Ammagad! Kjempefin farge! Det kledde du!
    Pluss du kledde bølgene også:D

  11. Nice hair! New follower, follow back if you want!

  12. You are so pretty! I really like your hair! :)

  13. Oeh! It is very pretty! Love the color on you :) And the wavy hair omg ^^