tirsdag 30. oktober 2012

Prom part 2 Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ :*+´:.*´:+.

So the prom started with some champagne. Classy.

Then we got herb baked chicken with bell-pepper (or whatever it was). I really enjoyed it. It´s not everyday you get to eat this type of food. Especially not when you´re a poor student. Bless.


I´m by the way very impressed with how they failed to spell my name right. No worries though...
they´re not the first one to do it. X I A O T I N G  
The food was delicious so I don´t mind. Just wished I had been placed with a less talkative guy lol. Spend ages finishing my food.

After the meal, there were speeches to be held and prizes to hand out and then we went down to the student-pub to party.

This is my favorite pic of the night.

Thomas and the girls discussing some serious matters. SERIOUS BUSINESS HNHGGH

Didn´t take many photos like this during the night so here you have one that´s not too dark or blurry.
With the always oh-so-sweet-and-happy Sophie <3 One day I´ll learn to smile like her.

One day.


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  1. Du er så søøt nghhh<3
    Hater når man ender opp med en skikkelig pratsom person når man har fått omnom mat D:

    Søtt bilde!