fredag 9. november 2012

Halloween and new Liz Lisa accessories

Hi Gals! It´s been a while.

 I´m such a dedicated blogger. Hairflip and powerkick. 

Ok enough with the sarcasm. I´ve been busy with uni-related work lately, so the blogging has to come last.

I´m going to tell you a bit about Halloween this year. Since it was on a wednesday I didn´t do anything special on the day, but there was a Halloween-party on the very same weekend so I had to enjoy myself, but first....

OOTD for the ´´freshers group-party´´


Top: PMA
Necklace: Cocolulu
Pants: D.I.A
Shoes: Bik Bok

The party was fun, we watched a hilarious video made by some girls in my group. I was so ridiculous in the video, but so was everyone else. Fair enough. I had to leave around midnight. Luckily a friend of mine could give me a ride otherwise I´d be all alone on my way to the subway.

Over to the ´´Halloween-party´´
When I arrive everyone else was already quenched so it was difficult to get them on the dance floor except some few partygirls (and gays).

Henriette and me.

(japanese schoolgirl of some sort)

 My skin was in such a good condition here ;_;
I swear all the stress nowadays is making my skin suffer.

I didn´t really make any effort on my costume this year as I was invited kinda in the last second, so no time (or money) to do anything creative.

The party overall was fun, but I was kinda exhausted already so I could´t keep it for very long. That´s how it is. Sometimes you just don´t feel like being all hyper and crazy.

Last week I also bought a Liz Lisa necklace from Ingvild.

I love it <3

She also surprised me by giving me her old Liz Lisa bracelets. I´m very grateful and love them.

That was a short update. Take care for now xx


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