tirsdag 13. november 2012

Got tagged

Hi gals!

 A few days ago I got tagged by the always oh-so-sweet Tobi. I usually don´t really care about tags, but since I´m bored right now I thought I´d give it a try. It´s not like a got a important exam to revise for.... it´s not like the exam just happen to be in 3 days. Screw it and yolo. Ok so here goes the rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag.
5. These lucky bloggers must be told.
6. There are no tag backs.

11 things about myself:
(I would like to write 100 things about myself since I´m so damn interesting, but since I´m limited to only 11 , that will have to do.)

have a lovely pic of me with toned-down make and no nose-countouring lol

1. I´m left handed 

2. I can´t sleep if I don´t have my teddy bear (or should I say teddy rabbit?)

3. I´ve played piano for 9 years until I realized shit wash´t my thing

4. I´ve got a rather special sense of humor

5. I´m the queen of irony and sarcasm

6. I´ve had problem pronouncing the ´´shhh and chhh´´sound since my parents tried to force me to be ´´right handed´´. I´m still fucking furious about it, but have learnt to put the past behind me although I know I´ll never be able to pronounce the sounds right, ever again...
but let´s move on!

7. I´ve got a sensitive nose so I can´t stand people who smells.
8. I´m always punctual and would like other people to be so as well. (yeah, dream on)

9. I wanna meet Okarie one day. 

10. I can´t stand mess in my own room. 

11. I daydream too often

So let´s answer the 11 questions I got from Mr. Tobi.

1) What is your favourite holiday destination?

Japan and China

2) What is your favourite Jeffrey Campbell design?

3) What is your biggest insecurity?
my skin tone lol 

4) Who inspired you most as a child?

5) Name one person that influences your style most.

6) What song can't you stop playing right now?
no one in particular

7) Name a small thing that makes you happy.

8) Post a picture of your favourite accessory.
Got no one in particular. Love them all.

9) List three of your favourite blogs.
http://popcutie.tumblr.com/ (not really a blog, but whatever)

            10) If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you choose?
London, Tokyo or New York

11) What do you like most about your body?

My shoulders and arms

Here´s 11 questions from me.

1. Who inspire you the most?
2. Favourite food?
3. Best movie?
4. Red or pink lipstick?
5. Favourite brand.
6. Gyaru or lolita?
7. Zebra or leopard print?
8. What was you childhood-dream?
9. If you could turn into a fantasy creature, what would you choose?
10. Your favorite model?
11. you favorite gyaru magazine?

1. www.sonhae.org
2. www.dokiri.blogspot.com
3. www.froekentry.blogspot.com
4. www.rosavaffel.blogspot.com

I think I´m going to stick to those 4 . I guess most of the bloggers have been tagged anyway.


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  1. Thank you for doing it! and you are so pretty :) xxx

  2. woooot gurl vi to er mer lik enn jeg trodde..bortsett fra 3 og 6 er alt annet spot on O__O my asian soulmate<3 hahaha

  3. you are so pretty! thank you for following ^^

  4. Jeg vil se bildet av kanin bamsen♡

    Takk for taggen; )